Research: What mistakes do students most often make?

When a person who finishes school starts studying that life is really changing: and if we could find a lot of similarities between school and high school, there would be more differences. Well, if we were to briefly describe the life of each student, you could list many things, and one of them would undoubtedly be the scientific work that needs to be done every year. Moreover, these works are of various types. It only remains to add that the same scientific works prepared by students (one by one or by several groups), which are evaluated by the teachers, are inseparable from one more thing that does not give the most pleasant feelings. These are mistakes. And while we have just mentioned that mistakes are what causes unpleasant feelings, it should be emphasized that we can look at the same thing on the other hand – if we learn from mistakes, we will grow and develop not only our specialists, but also personalities. It only remains to add that it is always better to learn from one’s own rather than from one’s own mistakes. However, in order to do this, you must first be aware of these errors. So what mistakes do students usually make when writing their writing? It only remains to add that these mistakes are not so small and so it is very important to get to know them, to understand, to remember and most importantly not to repeat them.

Invalid citation

Poor quotation is one of the most common mistakes students make. However, this is not only a frequent mistake, but also a very significant mistake, because the scientific work in which the citation was made inappropriately can be recognized as plagiarism. Well, then, as you know, the consequences can be very painful. So, you just have to find out how to properly quote and lead these insights when writing a job.

Use too old or too few sources of information

Another very common mistake made by students, which may also cause some difficulties later, is that old or too few sources of information are used to prepare the work. It should be emphasized that all scientific works, and more precisely, their methodological instructions, state how much and what sources should be used for writing one or another research work. Well, what the year of their release should be, teachers usually refer to. So you just have to listen to the instructions of one and the other and do not stumble upon the excellent evaluation.

There is too little time left to prepare the job

Another mistake made by about half of the students is that there is too little time left to prepare for the scientific work. Usually the message that will have to prepare the research work, the student gets a few months or at least a few weeks ago, but as soon as he learns, no hurry to take action – for some reason students postpone, delay, postpone the research work until finally realize that has just a few nights to write about. Of course, a few nights are certainly not the time that you would be able to prepare a high-quality, high-grade writing job – because scientific work requires a lot of effort. Another option is that students postpone the writing of their research work and as soon as they learn about the task they are going to do, they do not properly assess their options – they think it is only a few days to prepare, and when they start doing it, they realize that time is too little. It goes without saying that this option also has such an outcome – the work is not properly prepared, which results in a lesser assessment.

The conclusions received have nothing to do with the purpose of the work

As you know, all the scientific work has goals to be achieved. However, this is what the student can do – for a variety of reasons, the student does the job inaccurately, recklessly, and diligently, until he finally gets the result – with no work conclusions for the job. Of course, such an outcome does not promise anything good – if you do not avoid this error, do not expect high evaluation.

The required competencies are not demonstrated

Scientific works and competencies are simply inseparable from each other: every scientific work is being prepared to demonstrate certain competences. However, this is often not the case for some students. And this is another mistake that… is certainly not worth repeating. So how do you avoid it? Find out what competencies have to be reflected in the scientific work you need to prepare and do. Usually 4 – 7 competencies have to be demonstrated in one research work.

Low work volume

Each scientific work is inextricably linked to the scope: for example, the volume of the paper is about 15 pages; the report may reach 20 – 25 pages; while the volume of bachelor’s work usually ranges from 40 to 50 pages. It just remains to be said that it is the volume that is related and one more, students are making a very frequent mistake: just a little work is done. And while evaluating the work, first of all, its scale and other factors, it is worth remembering that too small a volume can become a factor that will give you a low rating.

As you can see, the mistakes made by the students who are preparing the scientific work are not so few or not enough. And while all these mistakes that students have experienced have not given the best emotions and results, there is good knowledge too: it should be noted that getting to know these mistakes is very valuable for those who are just writing the writing – if you are already familiar with mistakes , you will have a great opportunity not to repeat them, and most importantly, to claim only the very best academic grades.