Written work: what do teachers consider when evaluating it?

Written work or a lot of written work, it is the everyday life of each student. We are accustomed to doing a great deal of well-known, routine work every day, and writing writing works to become a student is also becoming a real everyday routine. However, it is also necessary to emphasize the fact that the writing of written works is less and less focused on the latter – it is often thought that the writing work is a matter of course and less and less attention is devoted to its preparation. However, this is not a welcome thing, as it is worth remembering that the teachers who appreciate the writing work pay attention to various accents. So if, for reasons of urgency or other reasons, you fail to perform one or the other, you can expect that your writing work may get a lower rating. Of course, no student wants such a scenario, so in order to justify all the expectations of the teachers, it is very important to understand what the teachers who appreciate the writing are taking into account. And the things that are taken into consideration are very numerous, so it is obvious that you will have to put effort in order to prepare a really excellent writing work. So what is taken into account?

Isn’t work a plagiarism?

Perhaps one of the most important things that will be taken into account when assessing your written work is whether the writing is plagiarism? It should be emphasized that this issue is so important that, if the work is to be recognized as plagiarism, the work can generally be null and void and the student can get the debt. It is for this reason that it is often said that the recognition of work as plagiarism is the greatest failure that a student may have. In this context, it is only necessary to add that it is necessary to know the ways and means of avoiding plagiarism. There are a lot of measures of this kind, so be sure to inquire about it in advance.

Is the purpose and tasks of the work properly addressed?

There is no other noticeable other accent – whether the purpose of the work is properly raised and the tasks to achieve it. It should be emphasized that the well-defined goal and tasks of the work are already considered to be the framework of work, on which all the work is later applied. In other words, if you raise the goal of the job properly and the tasks to achieve it, the probability of getting a good rating increases several times. With this in mind, it is just to add that it is precisely the raising of the purpose and the objectives of the work that is one of the stages worthy of special attention and insight.

Has the goal been achieved?

Attention is drawn to whether the goal has been achieved. It turns out that the purpose and the tasks to do it can be raised properly, but for some reason in the course of work, it can still not be achieved. This is what the teachers think.

Have the methodological requirements been complied with?

Each written work must be done according to certain methodological requirements. What these requirements are, the higher education institution where the student is studying, so it is very important to find out in advance what these requirements are and how the job is done.

Are there no spelling, punctuation, style errors?

Although the student’s written work is not a pupil-inspired writing that carefully examines the absence of punctuation, spelling or styling errors, it should be emphasized that these mistakes also play an important role when it comes to student-written writing. So, just add that if the work finds spelling, punctuation or style mistakes, the student will get a lower rating.

How many and what sources have been used to do the job?

No less important is the other element, which also does not go undervalued. This is how many and what sources were used to do the writing work. Typically, the following aspects are evaluated: novelty and number of sources of information. Often, the language used to perform the work plays an important role: the student who relied on sources in a foreign language has a chance to get a better rating than a student who has not done so.

The scientific and persistent value of the work

When we talk about writing, there are two other things that cannot be mentioned: scientific and enduring value of work. It only remains to be said that these factors are also not forgotten when evaluating the writing work.

Presentation of the work

No less attention is paid to the presentation of work. It is true to emphasize that it is in this case that the focus is on the whole, but it is possible to list the many elements that are valued; starting with a fluent and fluent student speaking and completing his / her language content; starting with the chosen outfit and completing how exactly the slides are made according to the requirements.

Work Design

One more factor that may not be as important as the one listed above, however, is the attention it is given to the work. It is a work layout. Just add that there are a number of instructions to follow if you want your writing to be well-designed. So be sure to check out what they are doing.

As you can see, the list of things that are taken into account when evaluating a job is really very long, so if you really want a great evaluation, you will have a lot of trouble to meet all these expectations. All you have to do is to make sure that you do it for a long time and work with a variety of support tools. Well, just add one more note to the end: often the writing works are evaluated in stages. In such cases, it is necessary to keep track of the timetable and to have a timely assessment for each stage. We hope that this list will definitely contribute to the better your scores you get for the writing.